Do You Need A New Boiler Installation?

Why is it your boiler always fails at the wrong time? As I bet you are as sure as I am there is a boiler fairy up there tinkering away with your boiler and ensuring your boilers always prone to failing just when you need it most!

Well this is where we come in, we are always looking to find the best boiler supprliers to help you find the boiler repair you need, or if your boilers past it then our suppliers will tell you and provide a good quotation to quickly get your house nice and warm again.

A lot of people are really worried about the cost, and if you find the right suppliers and you are willing to do the donkey work you can easily get a worcester bosch combination boiler fitted for less than £1700, or a complete system with radiators for £2400!

Just how do I know you can get a boiler fitted sub £1700? Well when we moved into our house we had an old looking back boiler fitted, and being the safe and sensible people we are we decided it would be best if we had boiler cover and so we called the biggest guys in with the est reputation, British Gas.

As part of British Gas's Homecar boiler protection process they come around and inspect your boiler to ensure it is in good condition, well ours got condemned as soon as the engineer took one look at it as the front fire they need to burn off the Carbon monoxide had been removed and screws screwed into the boiler outlet pipes. So that was that and we needed a new boiler!

Well we did the sensible thing and got a few boiler quotes, we decided we was going to go a slightly different way and got a plumber to install our boiler and radiators and then had it commissioned by a gas fitter. To purchase the boiler, convert the household pipework from a back boiler install with hot water tank to a combination boiler, purchase the boiler, fit and install came in at a total of just under £2400, This was over £1500 cheaper than our most expensive quotation. 

There was a lot of work for us, buying the boiler online, ordering the radiators and thermostats and we found it useful to use online boiler retailers for all of these, and a local plumber to do all of the work - whilst this probably saved us £1-200 over the cheapest quote - it was a lot of hassle arranging all of the compontents to be here, including large items like radiators and boilers when they needed to be here for just a minimal saving!